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11/3/06 03:15 pm - moxody - Claiming! =D

Heya! I'd like to claim Cassidy (or, if that's too vast a claim, the line in Not Pictured when he goes "And you were Marvelous" - hope this is allowed, even though it's from season 2 not 1).

I'll post again when I come up with anything else I'd like. For now, I'd be MORE than happy with Cassidy! *fangirl moment*

9/29/06 03:14 pm - ranereins

For my first claim, I'd like to claim Sheriff Lamb.
And for my second claim, I'd like to claim Weevil. :D

3/9/06 09:25 am - staringintoyou

claiming the recently given up Veronica/Logan.
Also claiming the scene in logan's house in the episode 1.20 M.A.D. when Aaron walks in.

12/14/05 04:31 pm - _boppo_

I'm leaving, my claims are up for grabs.
Duncan/Veronica and Logan/Veronica .
Snag away. :) Bye all!

10/15/05 01:43 pm - cotton_candy8

I would like to claim the character Troy Vandegraff. I'm not sure about my second claim yet, so I'll make another post once I come up with one :D


9/6/05 11:19 pm - sunkissdbaby88

I'd like to claim Logan's kisses! And his yellow Xterra, just so I won't have to check every Xterra I see everyday ; P

5/10/05 11:52 am - neutrals

I'd like to claim this scene - weapons of class distruction - wallace and veronica finding out about their parents.
also, i'd like to claim veronica's camera.

5/9/05 12:10 am - mirankos - Claims

May I claim (1) Veronica's messenger bag and (2) Veronica and Wallace's friendship?

If the BFF is too broad a claim, I'd alternately like to claim the snickerdoodle scene. The one where Wallace discovers Veronica baking them :)


5/8/05 10:32 am - megmanning

Duncan, if that's the one thing I could have for the rest of my days. It's Duncan. :)

- -Meg Manning- -

5/6/05 08:45 pm - steamrollpotter

Can i claim Logan's necklace that he always wears?

and can i claim the scene in A Trip to the Dentist where Logan and Veronica are on the bed making out?
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