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Claim your favorite part of Veronica Mars

The Veronica Mars Claims Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Here are the rules (blatantly stolen from a gazillion other claims communities):

1. You may have only two claims. This may change as the supply and demand are more important. If you request more than two things in one post, all requests will be ignored.

2. You must be a member to claim something.

3. All claims must be made through posts, not comments.

4. Logan Echolls is off limits. This is an executive decision on my part to prevent cat fights. I personally feel better with the knowledge that no one has him, rather than someone else having him. You can, however, claim various aspects of Logan. Just not him personally. You can say this is unfair, but at least I didn't just take him for myself before anyone else knew they could even have him.

5. Check the claims list below before requesting anything.

6. You may claim episodes, characters, couples, scenes, quotes, etc. If you have already claimed a specific episode, you may not claim an item from said episode. That would just be redundant.

7. The first season is almost over but please do not request anything from new episodes until I post that it is available, most likely about 24 hours after the ep airs. This is to prevent the people on the East Coast from claiming things before those on the West Coast know they exist.

Claims List:

Veronica Mars thelorax
Veronica's camera neutrals
Veronica's laptop pumpkins_n_pups
Veronica's messenger bag mirankos

Logan Echolls
Logan's arm violetsocks
Logan's body language mswyrr
Logan's brown jacket blackandwhite02
Logan's kisses sunkissedbaby88
Logan's snarky wit ltsk
Logan's necklace steamrollpotter
Logan's Xterra sunkissedbaby88

Duncan Kane megmanning
Unshaven Duncan blackandwhite02

Wallace Fennel orinora

Lilly Kane mitzie

Keith Mars
Keith Mars's dad-ness ltsk

Troy Vandegraff cotton_candy8

Sheriff Lamb ranereins

Weevil ranereins

Weapons of Class Destruction: Veronica and Wallace find out about their parents dating neutrals
Weapons of Class Destruction: The Veronica/Logan kiss outside of the Camelot blackandwhite02
Hot Dogs: Logan/Veronica "Moving On" lightsarefading
M.A.D.: Veronica/Logan bathroom makeout scene pumpkins_n_pups
M.A.D.: when Aaron walks in on Veronica and Logan making out staringintoyou
A Trip to the Dentist: Veronica/Logan makeout in the bedroom scene steamrollpotter

Momentary Thing by Something Happens, played during the Veronica/Logan kiss in "Weapons of Class Destruction" thelorax
Theme song: "We Used to Be Friends" by the Dandy Warhols mswyrr

Veronica and Wallace's friendship mirankos
Veronica/Logan staringintoyou